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FS: Ashford Traditional Wheel in Central Ohio Area

I know no one has posted here in ages, but I thought I would take a shot at this.

I have a friend who is selling her Ashford Traditional wheel. She used to spin, but doesn't any longer, and wants to get this wheel to a good home. I am acting as a bit of a go-between and will put you in touch with her if you are interested in the purchase.

The wheel is an Ashford Traditional from the late 80s or early 90s. It was unfinished, but she added a mahogany stain to it. It is single treadle, scotch tension. She will also include a lazy kate, a niddy noddy and 4 bobbins. She is asking $225 for the wheel.

The wheel is currently located in the central Ohio area. She will gladly make arrangements to deliver the wheel to the buyer or arrange for it to be picked up, depending on your preference. If it is not sold here in Central Ohio, it will go back to the Washington, DC area and can be delivered in that area as well. Or, if you want a wheel delivered, she will make arrangements for shipping with you covering shipping.

Anyone in the market for a good wheel? Let me know so I can pass on info to her!

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Where in Central Ohio are you and how soon would you need it picked up if it were to sell.

Does it have any silly quirks?

I'm in Bloomington Indiana and might be able to come pick it up.
The wheel is currently located in the Newark area (near the OSU campus there.) I don't know how long the owner of the wheel will be in town, but can certainly find out for you. She is in town about every month, so something certainly could be arranged.

As far as I know, the wheel is pretty much perfect. I will be seeing it Friday for myself, but it sounds like it is in good shape. It was barely used after being assembled and has been stored indoors for several years, so I am sure it will simply need a good cleaning and oiling.

I do have one person who has expressed interest ahead of you, but will let you know for sure in a few days. I will be getting pictures of the wheel Friday if you want me to post them here for you.
I wanted to let you know the wheel is still available.

I saw the wheel yesterday.

The wheel actually has 6 bobbins, instead of the 4 I originally posted about.

The only issues the wheel has is that it needs a new break band and tension springs and a new con-rod or leather joint where the treadle and the footman meet, and a new O-ring or E-clip to hold the footman in place. I don’t recall seeing a threading hook, either. All of these are in the maintenance kit that you can buy. She has a kit with the wheel, but I didn’t see what all was in there. It definitely needs some oil, but otherwise it looks like it is in great shape.

The only other thing about the wheel is that it is an older Ashford Traditional, so it only has 2 speeds, instead of 3, like the newer models. I know The Woolery sells a kit for about $33 to make it a three speed.

The wheel will be in Newark, OH until the end of the week (4/11 or so) and the person in possession of the wheel would be willing to delivery anywhere between Newark and the Ohio River (toward the East) as she returns to the DC area. And of course, you can also pick it up. She may also be willing to hold it for you since she is in OH every other week if you can't make the trip right away.

Here is my Flickr set of pictures of the wheel.
I know someone who is interested, and would be able to pick it up. Can I send you her email address?
Sure. I do have 4 people interested in it right now, so it wouldn't be a guarantee, but I would be happy to contact her if it doesn't sell.
I am sure that you have sold this spinning wheel by now, but I am interested it you haven't sold it.