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Shepherd's Harvest, Anyone?

I know that it is mother's Day weekend, and I know that it is a bit off yet, BUT, is anyone going? I know that it is mainly a Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa event, but I am hoping that we can arrange to meet up there for a group outSo- is anyone in the area planning on going?ing or the like. I know that my family is planning on going both days right now, but that could change depending on how much energy I have left after Saturday, or if I break down and buy a wheelchair so I do not have to walk.

So, is anyone in the Twin Cities area, or in the MN/north IA/ Western WI planning on going? Failing that, would there be any interest in putting together a fiber crawl of some sort for the midwest? some sort of getting together in each midwest state and having a meet up scheduled in an area to go shopping for fiber/wheels/encourage each other? I know that this community has been rather dead lately- and that is largely my fault. I have a rather debilitating chronic illness that has been rather hard on me this winter, but I would like to see this place more active!

Te other thing I have been wondering about is organizing spinning meet ups. I know that we are rather spread out, but it would be nice to see if anyone is near to each other. If there is an interest- comment with who you are- screen names are fine, and your general area, and if you would be interested in any of the above ideas. I know that I am lucky- I have two great fiber shops within 20 miles of me. one is about 6 blocks away, a nice walk on a good day, the other is a 20- 30 minute drive depending on the weather.

So- comment if you are interested in a meet up at the Minnesota Shepard's Harvest, or if you know of any other Midwest fiber shows, and if you would be interested in getting together for either a state or area specific fiber crawl or spinning group! That and post questions! show off yarns! I would love to see what people have been doing over the winter!
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