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Midwest Spinners- those in the middle's Journal
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Sunday, May 11th, 2008
7:19 am
Shepherd's Harvest was great!
Cute llamas, sheep and sheepdogs -- Free admission & parking always rocks too.

I met up with the very sweet Amanda who was helping sell super-gorgeous baskets, and I bought 4 pounds of roving -- 3 pounds are natural gray from various sheep breeds, and the 4th is gray overdyed a deep rose. Also I won a door prize -- a good 6 oz (I'm guessing) of blue variegated roving, which is mohair/silk blend. Sweet! I almost bought a freshly-shaved fleece from the shearing demo, but by the time I'd made up my mind to invest the time, they were sold. *fantastic* prices for those...

I also saw some other pals from Madison, and I didn't even know they'd be there.

If you are in the St. Paul MN area you should check it out, it goes on today also from 10 to 4 or so.
Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
10:21 pm
Spinningfiber community -- gone?
Hey, anyone know about what happened to spinningfiber? I was just cleaning up my various LJ community memberships and suddenly noticed it was gone!
Saturday, April 19th, 2008
6:42 am
The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival
I just saw this in the newspaper yesterday, so I thought I would pass it along here:

The Great Midwest Alpaca Festival
April 26-27 2008
Veterans Memorial Coliseum at the Alliant Energy Center
Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-1pm
Level IV Full Fleece Halter Show in two show rings, Level I Fleece Show.
Free and open to the public, large vendor area, fiber display and demonstration area, free seminars
$5 parking fee
for more info www.greatmidwestalpacafestival.com

This event is in Madison, WI.
Tuesday, April 15th, 2008
1:47 am
Shepherd's Harvest, Anyone?
I know that it is mother's Day weekend, and I know that it is a bit off yet, BUT, is anyone going? I know that it is mainly a Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa event, but I am hoping that we can arrange to meet up there for a group outSo- is anyone in the area planning on going?ing or the like. I know that my family is planning on going both days right now, but that could change depending on how much energy I have left after Saturday, or if I break down and buy a wheelchair so I do not have to walk.

So, is anyone in the Twin Cities area, or in the MN/north IA/ Western WI planning on going? Failing that, would there be any interest in putting together a fiber crawl of some sort for the midwest? some sort of getting together in each midwest state and having a meet up scheduled in an area to go shopping for fiber/wheels/encourage each other? I know that this community has been rather dead lately- and that is largely my fault. I have a rather debilitating chronic illness that has been rather hard on me this winter, but I would like to see this place more active!

Te other thing I have been wondering about is organizing spinning meet ups. I know that we are rather spread out, but it would be nice to see if anyone is near to each other. If there is an interest- comment with who you are- screen names are fine, and your general area, and if you would be interested in any of the above ideas. I know that I am lucky- I have two great fiber shops within 20 miles of me. one is about 6 blocks away, a nice walk on a good day, the other is a 20- 30 minute drive depending on the weather.

So- comment if you are interested in a meet up at the Minnesota Shepard's Harvest, or if you know of any other Midwest fiber shows, and if you would be interested in getting together for either a state or area specific fiber crawl or spinning group! That and post questions! show off yarns! I would love to see what people have been doing over the winter!
Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
1:12 am
FS: Ashford Traditional Wheel in Central Ohio Area
I know no one has posted here in ages, but I thought I would take a shot at this.

I have a friend who is selling her Ashford Traditional wheel. She used to spin, but doesn't any longer, and wants to get this wheel to a good home. I am acting as a bit of a go-between and will put you in touch with her if you are interested in the purchase.

The wheel is an Ashford Traditional from the late 80s or early 90s. It was unfinished, but she added a mahogany stain to it. It is single treadle, scotch tension. She will also include a lazy kate, a niddy noddy and 4 bobbins. She is asking $225 for the wheel.

The wheel is currently located in the central Ohio area. She will gladly make arrangements to deliver the wheel to the buyer or arrange for it to be picked up, depending on your preference. If it is not sold here in Central Ohio, it will go back to the Washington, DC area and can be delivered in that area as well. Or, if you want a wheel delivered, she will make arrangements for shipping with you covering shipping.

Anyone in the market for a good wheel? Let me know so I can pass on info to her!

Sunday, September 2nd, 2007
11:33 pm
The Wool Gathering
Don't forget about the Wool Gathering coming up September 15th and 16th!

There will be lots of vendors, plus Young's Jersey Dairy (where it is held) will have ice cream and sandwiches for sale. I plan to be there Saturday! Can't wait!!
6:48 pm
Upcoming Fiber Events in Michigan
We haven't had much activity for the summer, but now it's time to gear up for all of those fall festivals! Michigan has at least four that I will be going to:

Sept 22 & 23
Alpaca Festival at the Birch Run Expo Center

Sept 29-30 - There are two!
Mt. Bruce Sheep and Wool Festival in Romeo.

Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival at the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds.

October 20
Lavender Fleece Fall Festival in Midland.

October 27th and 28th
Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor at the Washtenaw Farm Council grounds.

I love the Mt. Bruce Sheep and Wool Festival because the vendors are very nice, very reasonable, they don't get the same classes in every year, the sheep shearers will answer questions and they always have something going on about herding sheep in the back pasture. Besides - I only live 20 minutes away. If anyone wants to go specifically to that one contact me. We might be able to do a breakfast thing at my house! The more from this group, the merrier!

If there are any more that I haven't heard of in Michigan, please post! Other Great Lakes Festivals need to be posted too - will travel!

PS: By the way, I will be giving a spinning wheel demonstration at the Seven Ponds Nature Center's Heritage Days Festival in Dryden, Michigan on September 15th and 16th. This is not a fiber festival.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007
8:56 am
Ashford Traditional Single Treadle for sale
Hi, I'm in the Twin Cities, and would prefer to leave this as an item to be picked up, if at all possible. I don't like dismantling my wheels.

All the gory details...Collapse )
Thursday, July 19th, 2007
5:04 pm
Hi all, I hope this is ok to post, it's spinning and yarn related. My friend and I are organizing the first indie yarn show ever in Chicago. We're taking vendor applications now at http://www.yarncon.com/ . The show is October 13th, 2007. Please apply and spread the word.

The idea is that we've been to a lot of great craft shows in the Chicago area, but there are usually only a few vendors who sell yarn, or hand made knitting needles for example. We know are there a lot of people who knit, crochet, weave, create patterns, spin yarn, and make tools, etc., out there, and they should have a show that revolves around them.  Please contact us at info@yarnygoodness.com if you have any questions, or to apply. Thanks!  I've also posted this on my own page, as well as punk-knitters.  Please let me know if you think this would be welcome on other groups as well.



Current Mood: excited
Saturday, July 14th, 2007
7:43 pm
Michigan Fiber Festival
Anyone planning on going to the Michigan Fiber Festival on August 18th or 19th? I'd love to get a group meeting for breakfast or lunch or something.
Thursday, June 21st, 2007
11:20 am
Cross posted- felting Buffalo
Any one have experiance felting buffalo fuzz.. I tried some last night. Ive had better luck with sheep fuzz. I know Stetson does make cowboy hats from felted buffalo.  Its just didnt seemt o felt well for me. Fibers to short? Fibers to soft?  I don't know....
Wednesday, May 16th, 2007
11:40 pm
Great Lakes Fiber Show
Hi all!

I am wondering if anyone has plans to attend the Great Lakes Fiber Show over Memorial Day weekend. I plan to be there Saturday afternoon and I can't wait! It will be my first time at this show and I am excited to see what it offers.

I posted a question in Spinningfiber about favorite fibers to spin since I will be looking at buying a bit of fiber while there. If anyone has gone and has a favorite vendor, I would appreciate your input, too.

I would love to get together and meet other Midwest Spinners, even though I won't be able to stay long since I will have the rest of the family with me. Let me know if you plan to be there!
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
3:20 am
Hello there!
I'm a spinner living in southwest Ohio
anybody else here from around these parts?
12:17 am
Minnesota/Wisconsin/Iowa meet up
Hey spinners! The Minnesota Shepherd's Harvest Festival is this weekend at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, MN. More info and directions from all points north, south east and west can be found at http://www.shepherdsharvestfestival.org .

I would love to schedule a meet-up of anyone who can make it. I know that selkie_b is planning on being there. kitchenwitch, are you going? Please comment here if you are going and interested in meeting up with your fellow lj spinners!

In case you need to know, there is a picture of me at MDSW on my knitting blog- http://knitster.org. Look for the half done tattoo sleeve and long reddish hair. I do answer to pickleboot, as well!

Hope to see some of you there!
Tuesday, May 8th, 2007
1:22 pm
Wow. It was HUGE. State fair sized, but all fiber related. There was so much to take in.

I did not buy any yarn. Why? I got a Hitchiker from the Merlin Tree. I have been lusting after the funny little wheel since I first saw one, and decided if it was cheaper than on-line, I would add it to my collection. It was, and I did. $259 for the complete wheel. Not too shabby considering that it is $450 from the site. It is a quirky little thing, and as my son said, it sounds like an electric engine while spinning. It has an Ashford flyer and bobbins so they are easy to replace/add to/whatever. The down side was that he forgot the other whorls, so I have to wait to see what they are. I have successfully spun laceweight on it, though.

I also got some lovely alpaca, silk hankies, and a wonderful mystery batt that I am spinning up on the Hitchiker. It was an amazing festival, and so many things to see. There are a few pictures of me and my blogging buddies at our site, http://knitster.org . I am the one in the red shirt!
Monday, May 7th, 2007
10:15 am
Favorite Local Fiber Sources?
I have a favorite local source for alpaca and I really like the idea of supporting those nearby that produce quality wool, alpaca, and other fiber. I would love to have other trusted sources to purchase fiber. Could we perhaps compile a list of favorite Midwest suppliers, especially small farms? If it is OK, I will post a comment with contact info for the alpaca.
Sunday, April 29th, 2007
10:38 pm
upcoming fiber festivals
I know that it is a bit late, but I am wondering if anyone, besides me, is going to maryland Sheep and Wool? I am meeting other spinners and knitters there, and it would be nice to put names to faces.

And, Minnesota Shepard's Harvest is Mother's Day weekend. I am planning on going to that as well, possibly both days just because my kids absolutely adore it. For those of with within driving distance, you can check out the page at http://shepardsharvest.org, I think. Last year we had a great time watching the dog trials and feeding the sheep about to be shorn.

So- if anyone else has any information on others for possible meet ups, please comment in the post and I will make it a premanent post in the memories!

Happy spinning!

Friday, April 20th, 2007
12:47 pm
I'm taking the megabus to Chicago next weekend to go see Naked Raygun. I'd like to hit up a fiber shop or two while I'm there, so do any of you have specific ones you could recommend? I won't have a car, so I'll have to be able to get there by public transportation. I am not sure where my friend lives, but I really like the L, so I wouldn't mind a long ride.

Thanks :)

Friday, April 13th, 2007
2:08 pm
looking for some good stash...
Hi all! I was wondering if anyone in/near central illinois could point me in the direction of a store that might carry some roving...i would prefer some nice wool, maybe some llama or alpaca. i know of a place in champaigne, but was wondering if there were any lurking around my neighborhood. i'm in bloomington/normal...would be willing to drive up to 2 hours away if there was something good.

Friday, April 6th, 2007
7:39 am
For anyone in the neighborhood, Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill open house and tours
I haven't seen anyone mention this, so I thought I would.

Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mill (just outside Mt. Horeb, WI, near Madison) will be having their semiannual open house Saturday, April 14, from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM, tours to begin at 10 am.

Here is their info: http://www.blackberry-ridge.com/

The tours are really neat, and they have a fair amount of mill ends for sale, which I have really enjoyed spinning. They also carry some hand painted tussah silk, and some mohair and ramie top as well.
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