pickleboot (pickleboot) wrote in midwest_spin,

upcoming fiber festivals

I know that it is a bit late, but I am wondering if anyone, besides me, is going to maryland Sheep and Wool? I am meeting other spinners and knitters there, and it would be nice to put names to faces.

And, Minnesota Shepard's Harvest is Mother's Day weekend. I am planning on going to that as well, possibly both days just because my kids absolutely adore it. For those of with within driving distance, you can check out the page at http://shepardsharvest.org, I think. Last year we had a great time watching the dog trials and feeding the sheep about to be shorn.

So- if anyone else has any information on others for possible meet ups, please comment in the post and I will make it a premanent post in the memories!

Happy spinning!

Tags: fiberfestivals, midwest, wool and sheep
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