pickleboot (pickleboot) wrote in midwest_spin,


Wow. It was HUGE. State fair sized, but all fiber related. There was so much to take in.

I did not buy any yarn. Why? I got a Hitchiker from the Merlin Tree. I have been lusting after the funny little wheel since I first saw one, and decided if it was cheaper than on-line, I would add it to my collection. It was, and I did. $259 for the complete wheel. Not too shabby considering that it is $450 from the site. It is a quirky little thing, and as my son said, it sounds like an electric engine while spinning. It has an Ashford flyer and bobbins so they are easy to replace/add to/whatever. The down side was that he forgot the other whorls, so I have to wait to see what they are. I have successfully spun laceweight on it, though.

I also got some lovely alpaca, silk hankies, and a wonderful mystery batt that I am spinning up on the Hitchiker. It was an amazing festival, and so many things to see. There are a few pictures of me and my blogging buddies at our site, http://knitster.org . I am the one in the red shirt!
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