Sheila (viralanomaly) wrote in midwest_spin,

Ashford Traditional Single Treadle for sale

Hi, I'm in the Twin Cities, and would prefer to leave this as an item to be picked up, if at all possible. I don't like dismantling my wheels.

Anyway, I recently got a Joy DT and haven't touched my Traditional since then. Rather than let it waste away, I'd prefer to sell it to a good home. It only has two ratios on the flyer (not sure what they are since I got it used). I've been able to spin incredibly fine yarn as well as some bulkier yarn on it. I think there are four bobbins, but there might only be three, I have to dig them out and check. It also has the lazy kate.

There are some nicks in the wood, which has a light colored stain. They were there when I got it, and don't seem to affect its spinning ability. It has a polycord drive band. I'm hoping to get $225 for it, with pickup somewhere in the greater Twin Cities area.

Feel free to email me about this at viral {{at}}


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