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Upcoming Fiber Events in Michigan

We haven't had much activity for the summer, but now it's time to gear up for all of those fall festivals! Michigan has at least four that I will be going to:

Sept 22 & 23
Alpaca Festival at the Birch Run Expo Center

Sept 29-30 - There are two!
Mt. Bruce Sheep and Wool Festival in Romeo.

Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival at the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds.

October 20
Lavender Fleece Fall Festival in Midland.

October 27th and 28th
Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor at the Washtenaw Farm Council grounds.

I love the Mt. Bruce Sheep and Wool Festival because the vendors are very nice, very reasonable, they don't get the same classes in every year, the sheep shearers will answer questions and they always have something going on about herding sheep in the back pasture. Besides - I only live 20 minutes away. If anyone wants to go specifically to that one contact me. We might be able to do a breakfast thing at my house! The more from this group, the merrier!

If there are any more that I haven't heard of in Michigan, please post! Other Great Lakes Festivals need to be posted too - will travel!

PS: By the way, I will be giving a spinning wheel demonstration at the Seven Ponds Nature Center's Heritage Days Festival in Dryden, Michigan on September 15th and 16th. This is not a fiber festival.
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